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Energy chemical & production software to manage your entire field operations.

Atlas provides greater visibility, control and optimizing of business operations.

The “Atlas” system is a Cloud Hosted application that helps companies manage oil field assets, chemical products and treatments, associated lab data, and customer leases. Atlas provides users view and manages customers and locations, analyzes lab reports, tracks chemical product inventory and treatments. Dashboards and reports provide real-time decision-making and efficient monthly invoicing. Furthermore, a consumer portal offers a comprehensive view, reporting, and invoicing.

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Centralized Data

Increases the efficiency of the organization as it helps in keeping focus on the goal making decisions quickly and implementing their strategies faster as the layers of data are reduced which also reduces the time consumption for the analysis of the data.

Real Time Data Sync

Live data sync from any device.

Remain connected even in the no-network area, leveraging our offline capability. 


iOS and Android Apps that provide intuitive tools with ease of access to information, improved data accuracy and real time order and treatment submission. 

Reporting and Analytics

Rich and exhaustive reports based on any criteria and data set that provides optimal transparency to all levels of your company and improve ability to make informed decisions

Enterprise Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with other enterprise software solutions to facilitate efficient workflow by connecting multiple automated integrated platforms.



Lab Information Management System (LIMS)
Mobile Field Service App
Customer Management
Delivery Order Management
Workflow Management and Scheduling
Advanced Chemical Management and Inventory
Invoice and Billing
Enterprise Integrations
Custom Dashboards
Automated Reporting and Data Analytics
Real Time Order Tracking
Customer Portal
Mobile Photo Capture
Online/Offline Capabilities
Audit Tracking
Production and Well Tests
Data Imports
Geo Mapping
Tech Management

"This product has cut our billing time by half."


Real-time communication with offline capabilities.


Required in today's digital oilfield.

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Lab Test Per Year


Managed Wells


Automated Reports Per Month


Mobile Users

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