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Lab technician's hands with a test tube close-up on the background of fuel production. Ana

Lab Information Management System

Fully integrated laboratory information management system with features that support all modern laboratory operations.

Faced with increasing data volumes and sample throughput along with frequent changes in technology, labs must modernize their approach to managing, tracking, and centralizing result data. 

  • Automate Workflows

  • Integrate Instruments

  • Manage Sample Lifecycle

  • Associated Information

  • Customize Tests

  • Barcode Tracking

  • Email Notifications

  • Custom Reports

Produce reliable results more quickly and track trend data from tests over time and across experiments to improve efficiency. 

Chart on the digital tablet screen.
Petri Dishes
Bacteria Analysis

Diagnosis and identify fuel degraders, fungal infections, and fungal mats, and sulphate reducing bacteria.


View test sample pore's Total Suspended Solids and Acid Soluble Percentages


Get Samp[e's Iron (Fe) and Manganese (Mn) value and calculated Phosphate (PO4).

Corrosion Coupons

Exposing a specimen of material (the coupon) to a process environment for a given duration, then removing the specimen for analysis.

Complete Water Analysis

Monitor Water Chemistry, Sale and Corrosion Potential, and Saturation Ratios.

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