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Fully integrated laboratory information management system with features that support all modern laboratory operations. Any lab can automate workflows, integrate instruments, and manage samples and associated information.  Produce reliable results more quickly and track trend data from tests over time and across experiments to improve efficiency. Faced with increasing data volumes and sample throughput along with frequent changes in technology, labs must modernize their approach to managing, tracking, and centralizing result data.

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iOS and Android Apps that provide intuitive tools with ease of access to information, improved data accuracy and real time order and treatment submission. Remain connected even in the no-network area, leveraging our offline capability.  Designed from the ground up with field service technicians in mind, Atlas Chem Pro provides an intuitive interface, consistent access, and targeted workflows regardless of internet connectivity. This mobile field service app empowers field workers to successfully complete delivery orders, record treatment exceptions, manage chemical inventory, submit lab orders, locate oil and gas assets on geo-enabled maps and much more.

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